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Optimize the Human Experience

November 3rd - 6th at The Coachella Estate

Join us at a luxury villa for a 3-night deep dive!

Connect to your higher consciousness, cultivate life balance, create a strategy on how to optimize your human experience

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 Optimal is Balance, and Balance is Optimal

This retreat is for you if…

  • You are looking to recharge and reset your energy

  • You want to reconnect or refine your sense of purpose

  • You want to be empowered to navigate the change and curveballs life throws at you

  • You wish to create balance in your life so you can do great things

  • You are ready to step into the truest version of yourself, and show up in this world wholeheartedly

 "Our purpose is to show up in each moment as our truest self. This is how we honor our gifts and make an impact. It's where the magic begins"

Image by Helena Lopes

Your retreat includes...

  • Stay at a Luxurious Villa Thursday to Sunday

  • Delicious nutrient dense meals prepared by an epic Chef

    • Grass-fed/Wild Caught/Free Range Meat and Seasonal Vegetables​

  • Daily Energy work and Breathing practice

  • Daily Movement/Strength Practice with Jason Durrant the Transformation Specialist

  • Intensive workshops focusing on alignment with our higher consciousness, establishing vision, creating a balanced life strategy

  • Pre and Post Retreat Calls for Integration

  • Audio File of Alignment Meditation

  • Documents and Resources such as Financial Analysis and Budgeting file, Time Allocation file, etc...

You will leave this retreat with...

  • A deep connection to your truest self

  • Practical tools and exercises to help sustain your alignment with your higher consciousness

  • A clear understanding of what aligns and does not align with you

  • The ability to let go of what doesn't serve you, creating space for the things and people that do

  • A life strategy plan to bring your vision to reality

  • Tools and resources to sustain balance

  • A clear vision, focus, and resilience

  • Power to Manifest

 "When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy"


Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

The Villa

This incredible property features more than 2 acres of lush outdoor space including a gorgeous saltwater pool with hot tub, waterfall and fire features, a very large private pond with Koi, and a huge grill with outdoor dining area including an outdoor bar.

Early Bird Pricing

  • King Bed Private Room and Private Bathroom -$2,900

  • Double Room and Shared Bathroom - $2,600

    • Bedroom with two beds​ (Two Queen beds or a Queen and a Full)

  • Queen Bed Quad and Shared Bathroom - $1,800

    • Bedroom with 4 Queen bunk beds and an attached bathroom​

*Discounted Pricing Available for Group Bookings and/or People Wanting to Share a Bed

*Payment Plans Available Upon Request

Meet The Team

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Javvad Syed

  • Instagram

Optimization and Strategy Professional, Aligned Living Coach, Reiki Master, Performance Coach, Retreat Leader

Javvad did his undergraduate in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of San Diego, and did his graduate certification in Strategy Management from Harvard.

He specializes in optimization, strategy development, and leadership. He's always had a passion for helping people achieve their goals, and being the best version of themselves. 

He believes business performance doesn't work without human performance, and always blending those worlds.


Gloria Winburne Syed

  • Instagram

Reiki Master, Plant Medicine Healer, Spanish Teacher

Gloria specializes in teaching women how to tap into their divine feminine. She offers healing through different modalities, and brings balance to Javvad's divine masculine.

"We all have our shadows, and we need to embrace them to move forward and make progress in our lives."


Jason Durrant

  • Instagram

Transformation Specialist, Nutritionist, Entrepreneur

Jason has a Masters in Nutrition and is a former Muy Thai fighter. He used to coach fighters at Tiger MMA, a world renown MMA camp, in Thailand how to cut weight in a healthy way.

Jason is known as the Transformation Specialist. He helps change lives and bodies through physical fitness and nutrition. 

"We believe in the pursuit of continuous improvement, have a passion for helping our community by sharing our gifts, and living a life with no regrets."

Image by Xan Griffin

What is Optimizing the Human Experience?

It's a program and mission called Optimizing the Human Experience, designed to help tap into their higher consciousness, create vision, and create a balanced strategy to create ease and fulfillment.


It ties in the strategy and optimization tools Javvad uses to create alignment and execute vision in the business world with his passion and love for helping people.

Just like in business, when we focus too much one aspect of life, something else is neglected. You focus too much on work and you start to neglect your health and relationships. You focus too much on your spirituality you tend to neglect your financials and other aspects of your life because you become too disconnected.


When we cultivate balance, we create a steady momentum and flow to achieve all that we set out to do.

 "The more people that live in alignment with their highest self, the more positive change we can create in this world. Energy is contagious, and a higher vibration is stronger vibration."

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Optimize The Human Experience
November 3rd - 6th

Limited Spots Available

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